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Why do you have to do the final finishing installation.

You will be doing final finishing edits on line editing techniques with online transcription or without using computer. Every distillation of material, every copying can degrade image quality by almost 15%. Two You've been overdubbed twice - one-third worse image quality! And one more time, and there is no half! Whether you like it or not, the number of of copying cycles should be reduced to a minimum, i.e. to one. That's why almost final or completely final installation should be done on https://transcriberry.com/meeting-transcription-service/ to repeat it later in a clean version on a high quality system. Here we go. You have VHS line editing equipment, unassembled VHS tapes and a paper draft editing. You assemble using what are called direct glues. The timecodes help you find where and on which cassette where the next frame is located. Initially, don't trim the beginnings and ends of the frames until they are completely clean. Insert extra frames that (you assume) might extend or enhance the action, but cause doubts. Don't cut off statics at the beginning and ends of panoramas. You may need it in case of remounting. Cut You always have time to cut it out. If you are a novice director, you will be trembling for every frame of footage. With time and experience... you'll cut boldly and mercilessly, but for now you need to go into https://transcriberry.com/lecture-transcription-service/ and get a sense of the optimal length of frames. From the first time and without context, without a consistent view on the screen, this operation is quite difficult. Don't go through each stitch five times. Don't run the material back and forth to make sure it's a comfortable of the joint or that one of the 10 principles of assembly is being strictly adhered to. In subsequent reviews, only fixate mentally where and what can be cut. With some margin, you should leave the text chunks with synchronized speech in the frame to tie in their verbal accents with the logic of the story in the image. Your task at this stage is to line up the the entire film, to estimate what you get, to try to get a sense of the living whole of the future organism. One obligatory recommendation

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